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Big Data Madison promotes the understanding and adoption of technologies used to acquire, store, and analyze data in all its forms. This spans everything from data engineering to data science. Everyone is encouraged to attend, no level of experience is too basic to join and learn. The security of your data is more critical than ever. Our security-first approach ensures the integrity of your business, and the protection of the sensitive data you archive. ... Brookfield, WI 53005 (414) 223-8000. Madison Map 5315 Wall Street, Suite 270 Madison, WI 53718 (608) 467-2609. Fox Valley Map 425 W. Water Street, Suite 300 ... City of Madison Open Data The OneNeck ® IT Solutions data center in Madison, WI, is a 60,000-square-foot facility. Located on the Fitchburg Technology Campus, it’s a concurrently maintainable facility offering six fully functional data rooms, a command center, staging areas, meeting rooms and a full spectrum of hybrid IT solutions including colocation, cloud and managed services. In 2018, Madison, WI had a population of 660k people with a median age of 36.4 and a median household income of $70,463. Between 2017 and 2018 the population of Madison, WI grew from 654,230 to 660,422, a 0.946% increase and its median household income declined from $71,301 to $70,463, a -1.18% decrease. In 2017, Madison, WI had a population of 249k people with a median age of 31 and a median household income of $59,387. Between 2016 and 2017 the population of Madison, WI grew from 246,034 to 248,856, a 1.15% increase and its median household income grew from $56,464 to $59,387, a 5.18% increase. Contact Madison Police 211 S. Carroll St. Madison, WI 53703 Hours: Monday - Friday; 8am - 4pm Non-Emergency Dispatch: (608) 255-2345; Chief's Office: (608) 266-4022; Central: (608) 261-9694; East: (608) 266-4887; Midtown: (608) 229-8200 Tornado activity: Madison-area historical tornado activity is above Wisconsin state average.It is 72% greater than the overall U.S. average.. On 6/7/1984, a category F5 (max. wind speeds 261-318 mph) tornado 15.5 miles away from the Madison city center killed 9 people and injured 200 people and caused between $50,000 and $500,000 in damages.. On 9/26/1951, a category F4 (max. wind speeds 207 ... Companies have vast amounts of data, but it is rare to have someone with the ability to analyze that data to see trends and make predictions. Add a whole new skill set to your portfolio, and make a big difference in the success ... Madison, WI 53717 (608) 258-2301 ext 2 (855) 473-2301 ext 2. Hours. Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Friday: 8 a ... For more than 40 years, Data Dimensions has delivered innovative outsourced solutions for document and data-driven business processes. Our solutions combine advanced technology, state-of-the-art facilities, stringent security and compliance, unsurpassed domain expertise, and Six Sigma® methodologies – all backed by a team of high-trained ...

Wisconsin Dells in need of more capacity

2020.09.28 04:47 needmorecoffee99 Wisconsin Dells in need of more capacity

Took a trip up to Wisconsin Dells this weekend and could not use T Mobile at all. I couldn't run speedtest at all. Thank goodness I could connect to hotel Wi-Fi and use data to stream music.
The Dells are a tourist spot. I am stunned they don't have enough capacity to stream music or upload photos to a Facebook post.
I love T-Mobile but these are the kind of things that bug me about the company. I stop by Madison, Wisconsin where I used to live and was on Edge. How in the world is 2G still a thing? I was used to 2G in Iowa back in 2014 but its 2020 and 2G is still very real for T-Mobile.
I really hope 2021 is a breakout year for them with improving coverage.
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2020.09.23 07:00 boinabbc [HIRING] Associate Data Scientist at Exact Sciences Corporation in Madison, WI 53719

Exact Sciences Corporation is searching for a Associate Data Scientist in Madison, WI 53719 with the following skills: Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Big Data
Summary of Major Responsibilities: The Associate Data Scientist performs data analysis to extract knowledge or insight from structured or unstructured data. He or she applies advanced statistical algorithms for analysis of... apply or read more here:
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2020.09.23 07:00 boinabbc [HIRING] Associate Data Scientist at Exact Sciences Corporation in Madison, WI 53719

Exact Sciences Corporation is searching for a Associate Data Scientist in Madison, WI 53719 with the following skills: Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Big Data
Summary of Major Responsibilities: The Associate Data Scientist performs data analysis to extract knowledge or insight from structured or unstructured data. He or she applies advanced statistical algorithms for analysis of... apply or read more here:
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2020.09.20 18:45 boinabbc [HIRING] DATA SCIENTIST at University of Wisconsin–Madison in Madison, WI 53706

University of Wisconsin–Madison is looking for a DATA SCIENTIST in Madison, WI 53706 with the following skills: Database, SAS, STATA
Position Summary: Contributes to a research agenda set by a lead researcher by preparing and managing data sets, conducting analyses using data science techniques, and presenting the results.This position supports the... apply or read more here:
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2020.09.20 18:45 boinabbc [HIRING] DATA SCIENTIST at University of Wisconsin–Madison in Madison, WI 53706

University of Wisconsin–Madison is looking for a DATA SCIENTIST in Madison, WI 53706 with the following skills: Database, SAS, STATA
Position Summary: Contributes to a research agenda set by a lead researcher by preparing and managing data sets, conducting analyses using data science techniques, and presenting the results.This position supports the... apply or read more here:
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2020.09.20 17:48 intoxicatedpuma Questions about the area

My work in Madison WI recently went to a full remote work policy, so my wife and I have been looking around for places to move that are closer to where I grew up (Springfield MO) and Bentonville seems appealing. I have a couple questions about things I noticed though:
1) It looks like Cox is the only cable provider in almost every place I look, and it'd be over $120 a month for 500m service with no data caps. Is that accurate? That seems absurdly high, and even the AT&T is showing data limits and low speeds for their home internet. Is there any other option? After about an hour search I couldn't find anything else.
2) Neighborhoods with alot of rentals. We drove around the area alot and I noticed alot of neighborhoods seemed to have alot of houses for rent. I'm a bit wary of that and would generally prefer finding a place where the neighbors are more permanent. Is that common for everywhere or just some places? (Looks like it's mostly common in the lower priced Centerton neighborhoods?)
Anything else I should be on the lookout for?
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2020.09.16 13:00 boinabbc [HIRING] Data Scientist 1 at National Guardian Life Insurance Company in Madison, WI 53703

National Guardian Life Insurance Company is searching for a Data Scientist 1 in Madison, WI 53703 with the following skills: Machine Learning, Modeling
Overview: At N GL, we strive to make data-driven decisions for our internal and external customers. We endeavor to utilize advanced analytic tools and processes to help N GL use data as an... apply or read more here:
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2020.09.16 13:00 boinabbc [HIRING] Data Scientist 1 at National Guardian Life Insurance Company in Madison, WI 53703

National Guardian Life Insurance Company is searching for a Data Scientist 1 in Madison, WI 53703 with the following skills: Machine Learning, Modeling
Overview: At N GL, we strive to make data-driven decisions for our internal and external customers. We endeavor to utilize advanced analytic tools and processes to help N GL use data as an... apply or read more here:
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2020.09.14 02:53 TrapeziusMilkingt0n Cell provider recommendations, please

I've lived in Madison all my life. I've been with US Cellular, Verizon and now Fi. US Cellular was fine in the state, Verizon was meh. I'm on Google Fi right now and it works well, but I just want to stop worrying about data, so unlimited is appealing.
Basically I'm between AT&T and T-Mobile. Coverage is most important at home and around town, obviously, but I also am in rural areas of WI (Door County & Northwoods) fairly often. In normal times, I also love traveling internationally.
Not sure if that's helpful, but can anyone recommend something? Fi usually checks all the boxes aside from data, which sucks.
Will T-Mobile and Sprint meeting theoretically give T-Mobile the best network?
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2020.09.11 19:40 ActionFilmsFan1995 The Supreme Court Decision in Wisconsin affects approximately 1 million voters (~1/3rd of 2016 voters) and could swing the state to Trump (statistics inside).

Hello. First off, let me just state I am not trying to fear monger or be defeatist. I'm presenting the data here for an open discussion on the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision, as well as inform the subreddit about what has occurred.
Yesterday, September 10, 2020, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that absentee ballots cannot be mailed out yet. This is due to a lawsuit from Howie Hawkins (Green Party) to be on the ballot. Hawkin's running mate, Angela Walker, had an incorrect address listed for herself which caused thousands of signatures to be on the ballot to be invalid. This dropped them below the threshold and they were not included on the printed ballots (3,737 signatures provided, 2,046 invalidated, dropping below a 2,000 signature threshold). At this time, 2.3 million ballots have been printed, and 1 million absentee ballot requests have been received. Per the Wisconsin State Journal:
"if the Supreme Court were to change the ballot at this point, Dane County [WI] would have to redesign the ballot, including in Spanish, load new information onto voting machine thumb drives, test the ballots, print 500,000 new ballots, package, sort and deliver them.".
Obviously, this would be time consuming. In Wisconsin, absentee ballots must be mailed out by September 17, 2020 by clerks, and September 19, 2020 (per federal deadline) for military and oversea voters. With a possible reprint of the ballots, it is not likely these deadlines would be met. 1
First, before getting into how this would personally affect Biden, I want to talk about the grander picture of Wisconsin. In 2016, 3,004,051people voted in the presidential election. Based on past years, this in line with the roughly ~3 million people who voted in past presidential elections. 2. Thus, we can say 1/3 voters would be affected by a delay in the ballots being mailed as the absentee ballot requests are roughly 1 million 3. In addition, Wisconsin law stated that the ballots must be received by election day at 8pm. 4. Adding Howie Hawkins to the party would negatively affect these voters. Interesting, Mr. Hawkins is aware of the problems with mail-in voting this year, and makes mention of the issues with the USPS on his website 5. I am personally curious as to Mr. Hawkins position on delay of 1 million absentee ballots given his stance on the issue.
Now let’s move onto how this would affect Joe Biden. As of now on 538, Joe Biden is leading by an average of 5.8% at 52.4% of the vote (Trump 46.6%). 6. However, when looking at mail in voting statistics, 47% of voters will vote by mail versus 26% in person, while with Trump only 11% will vote by mail and 66% will vote in person (early in person ranked 20-21% both candidates) 7. Let’s apply these numbers to the voter turnout from 2016.
Biden: 3,004,051 x .524=1,574,122.72 votes
Trump: 3,004,051 x .466=1,399,887.77 votes
Biden wins by a margin of 174,234.95 votes.
Now let’s factor in the mail-in votes.
Biden: 1,574,122.72 x .47= 739,837.678
Trump: 1,399,887.77 x .11 =153,987.655
Difference of 585,850.023 voters, definitely more than Biden’s margin of victory (Note, total mail-in votes equals 893,825.333, which is less than the approximate 1 million mail-in requests, which could indicate a higher total voter turn out).
In short, the delay of these ballots creates a huge problem for Biden’s campaign, that in a worse case scenario (a large amount of mail in ballots not being received by the 8pm Election Day deadline) would most likely swing the state to Donald Trump. I personally believe Joe Biden should address the million voters issue in Wisconsin, but what are the general thoughts on this situation?
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2020.09.08 20:13 Recruiting-Jacquie [Hiring] Accuray is hiring a Product Cybersecurity Solutions Lead - Madison, WI

Product Cybersecurity Solutions Lead
At Accuray, we make a direct and powerful impact on the lives of cancer patients every day — helping them live longer, better lives. But our commitment to innovation offers a truly unique opportunity: the chance to change the fight against cancer — helping to develop, introduce and support new treatment delivery systems and software that will give new hope and new health to cancer patients and cancer survivors around the world.
Data Protection & Cybersecurity Solutions Lead will support our, Sales Operations, Product Engineering & Marketing, Technical Services, and RQC functions. The role includes the effective review, processing and response of contractual terms and coordination of collateral data protection and cybersecurity assessment documentation in a time and deal sensitive environment. The role will also be responsible for the funnel of an ongoing taxonomy of requirements along with solutions formulation that harmonizes impacting regulations and customer expectations globally. Critical to the role is the ability to develop strategies, short and long term, that enable the operationalization of data protection and cybersecurity practices throughout product and process lifecycles.
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2020.09.08 17:07 intellectualgulf The Miseducation of the American People

This is a theory that I will be working on until I figure out if it is accurate or not. Y'know, how the scientific process is supposed to be applied.
The theory is this: The american people have been purposefully miseducated for generations and the bizarre backwards behavior we see today is a symptom of this miseducation.
Whether or not the GOP is mainly responsible, whether this miseducation was politically aligned / inspired seems like a very important question given Nixon's presidency. Nixon is however just a symptom of a disease, and that disease is misinformation. The miseducation of the American people has been occurring for at least 100 years, but most likely has been ongoing since the founding of the country. Unfortunately freedom of speech protects liars, but that is the price we pay for democracy.
Misinformation is a human disease, and is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of American citizens in 2020 alone. Trump appointed Jared Kushner, an uneducated unqualified man, to lead a Covid Task force AND Jared Kushner showed why being uneducated is dangerous, since he decided Covid would magically hurt democrats more than republicans.
I appear to be picking on Trump, but my theory is that conservatives of every color are to blame for this miseducation. It may be unfair to lay the blame entirely at the feet of conservative political parties, but we still can't have rational public debates about social policy without one of the miseducated screaming about communism.
The average american has no idea what socialism is and only vaguely understands it to be a dangerous / bad system of governance that opposing superpowers have historically claimed to follow.
The issue with this miseducation is it prevents reasonable logical debate. Of course any purely socialist society would fail, we are not a cooperative species. Any "true" form of government will fail when applied to humans because we are not rational or logical animals. We will inevitably smear everything in sight with feces and claim we have improved the world.
Miseducation has led to the average american not understanding how governments function at a fundamental level. A government is a group of people who agree to a set of rules that direct acceptable or unacceptable behavior, who organize around these rules, and who contribute resources to the group fund to support the enforcement of those rules. Every government is socialist since the definition of socialism is group ownership, and democratic governments are group owned. All guaranteed services provided by a government are group owned, and anyone who claims the government should not provide guaranteed services should leave since that is exactly what our founding fathers wanted it to be.
I'll repeat that last bit for clarity, the founding fathers intentionally created a group owned government to provide guaranteed services which include the postal service. If you consider yourself an "American" and believe that privatizing government services is a good idea, then you do not understand your government. This is reasonable given that many people were taught complete falsehoods before the internet came along, and many more falsehoods have been propagated by charlatans via the internet.
The only reason we can even tell that a massive amount of miseducation occurred in the United States is because so many of those people are very loud. The internet acts as a permanent record, and despite active revisionism / ongoing miseducation it still provides a clear view of the miseducation.
Each administration that chooses to use misinformation as a political weapon / tool ultimately damages the United States of America as they progressively weaken the citizens faith in truth. The american people at this point in time continue to act illogically despite access to the entirety of human knowledge at their fingertips. This is because the average American has been taught that Science and truth are not the same, and that "science" cannot be trusted to protect their interests. It does not matter that "their interests" are given to them by politicians who have shown an inability to think rationally or scientifically, since this is what they have been taught to accept.
This is yet another symptom of the disease, as people who otherwise are not mentally deficient make completely irrational or illogical choices / behaviors, such as continuing to elect corrupt and incompetent leaders.
The claims by Trump and other "modern" conservatives that the United States is or ever was intended to be a Christian nation is common. It really shouldn't be commonly held or believed since it is patently false, but it is another symptom of the disease of misinformation which is propagated in the United States through miseducation.
Data Sources
Statistics in the U.S. Department of Education: Highlights from the Past 120 Years
US Department of Education website
The original Department of Education was created in 1867 to collect information on schools and teaching that would help the States establish effective school systems. While the agency's name and location within the Executive Branch have changed over the past 130 years, this early emphasis on getting information on what works in education to teachers and education policymakers continues down to the present day.
The passage of the Second Morrill Act in 1890 gave the then-named Office of Education responsibility for administering support for the original system of land-grant colleges and universities. Vocational education became the next major area of Federal aid to schools, with the 1917 Smith-Hughes Act and the 1946 George-Barden Act focusing on agricultural, industrial, and home economics training for high school students.
World War II led to a significant expansion of Federal support for education. The Lanham Act in 1941 and the Impact Aid laws of 1950 eased the burden on communities affected by the presence of military and other Federal installations by making payments to school districts. And in 1944, the "GI Bill" authorized postsecondary education assistance that would ultimately send nearly 8 million World War II veterans to college.
The Cold War stimulated the first example of comprehensive Federal education legislation, when in 1958 Congress passed the National Defense Education Act (NDEA) in response to the Soviet launch of Sputnik. To help ensure that highly trained individuals would be available to help America compete with the Soviet Union in scientific and technical fields, the NDEA included support for loans to college students, the improvement of science, mathematics, and foreign language instruction in elementary and secondary schools, graduate fellowships, foreign language and area studies, and vocational-technical training.
The anti-poverty and civil rights laws of the 1960s and 1970s brought about a dramatic emergence of the Department's equal access mission. The passage of laws such as Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 which prohibited discrimination based on race, sex, and disability, respectively made civil rights enforcement a fundamental and long-lasting focus of the Department of Education. In 1965, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act launched a comprehensive set of programs, including the Title I program of Federal aid to disadvantaged children to address the problems of poor urban and rural areas. And in that same year, the Higher Education Act authorized assistance for postsecondary education, including financial aid programs for needy college students.
In 1980, Congress established the Department of Education as a Cabinet level agency. Today, ED operates programs that touch on every area and level of education. The Department's elementary and secondary programs annually serve nearly 18,200 school districts and over 50 million students attending roughly 98,000 public schools and 32,000 private schools. Department programs also provide grant, loan, and work-study assistance to more than 12 million postsecondary students.
When formulating this theory I was focused on education in the 1950s and later, but I am revising this theory as I read more. I think the best way to identify the miseducation will be to find writings that survived the shifts in belief. To suggest to one of Jefferson's contemporaries that he wanted religion involved with the United States government would have gotten you laughed out of the room. Jefferson was not above using the law to support his personal beliefs, but we have his letters with Madison where they congratulate one another on keeping religion out of the government [see comments].
I bring this up as it is a MAJOR point for conservatives despite being clearly historically wrong.,%2Dcommunism%2C%20pro%2Dindividualism%2C,%2Dcommunism%2C%20pro%2Dindividualism%2C
Anyone who ascribes to believes in made up history is one of the miseducated.
20200915 - "The white man's burden"
In February 1899, British novelist and poet Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem entitled “The White Man’s Burden: The United States and The Philippine Islands.”
I had hoped I would need to search further than this to find my evidence, as if all the evidence is laying about like this it is a wonder no one else stumbled upon it before.
"The White Man's Burden" had a clear historical impact, and yet most people alive now would refuse to believe that their great great grandparent, great grandparent, or grandparent was assuredly raised with (and most likely promoted) Racist views.
This poem influenced the future) US President Theodore Roosevelt and Global Policy as a result:
We see contemporary refutations by famous figures such as Mark Twain, that were clearly ignored in favor of the "White Man" which in the USA was quite literal. "Predestination" was the idea that White Christians were beloved by God, and that God had made the world for White Men to rule".
This was such a common theme in those days that it was used to literally steal land from the natives. Really good evidence of how effective Christianity is as a moral spine to humanity in my thinking.
Just look at President Jackson's Message to Congress "On Indian Removal", December 6, 1830;
We must admit that not just some, but most of our forefather's were selfish and racist people who had been indoctrinated by their conservative peers and teachers.
The reason I bring this poem up specifically is I found it in a Biology textbook. Which Biology textbook? Why only one of the most famous textbooks in history that no one remembers,:
A Civic Biology: Presented in Problems (usually referred to as just Civic Biology) was a biology textbook written by George William Hunter, published in 1914
Excerpt from The Economic Value of Trees. Protection and Regulation of Water Supply. : "It was such a strange, tremendous story, that of the Greek Poseidonia, later the Roman Pæstum. Long ago those adventuring mariners from Greece had seized the fertile plain, which at that time was covered with forests of great oak and watered by two clear and shining rivers. They drove the Italian natives back into the distant hills, for the white man's burden even then included the taking of all the desirable things that were being wasted by incompetent natives, and they brought over colonists—whom the philosophers and moralists at home maligned, no doubt, in the same pleasant fashion of our own day. And the colonists cut down the oaks, and plowed the land, and built cities, and made harbors, and finally dusted their busy hands and busy souls of the grime of labor and wrought splendid temples in honor of the benign gods who had given them the possessions of the Italians and filled them with power and fatness. "
Now one instance doesn't make a pattern, but that is clearly not a scientific phrase. Why is this Biology textbook, which was used to force schools to teach science, reinforcing a view that was known at the time to be wrong? Not only was this view known to be wrong, it had been known for at least 50 years.
At this point we can just accept that Christianity was only used as a way to excuse horrendous treatment of "savages", and that the people alive at the time knew this was true. The supporters of predestination at the time most likely were as vehement in their correctness as the neo-nazis of now.
So what is the picture I am painting? Why is this not in chronological order?
I am going to show you that not only is there a constant theme of "denying reality" among conservatives in the United States, but that it was purposeful refutation of correct information (truth).
Andrew Jackson did not consider the native population as human:
"And is it supposed that the wandering savage has a stronger attachment to his home than the settled, civilized Christian? Is it more afflicting to him to leave the graves of his fathers than it is to our brothers and children? Rightly considered, the policy of the General Government toward the red man is not only liberal, but generous. He is unwilling to submit to the laws of the States and mingle with their population. To save him from this alternative, or perhaps utter annihilation, the General Government kindly offers him a new home, and proposes to pay the whole expense of his removal and settlement."
I can say Jackson didn't consider "the red man" as human, because despite this claim that the "red man" would be relocated and all costs covered Jackson would end up authorizing the murder of many natives during his presidency. Just look at how Jackson promoted an incorrect view of the Native American people being "wandering savages" with no connection to the land.
"Whatabout" arguments bring up questions of "ownership", inheritance of land among Native American Tribes, and wars among the Tribes just before the "settling" of the Americas. My counter to this is the same as always, according to your logic if I want your house I just need to prove you haven't owned it "very long".
This argument is at its core insisting that the ownership of a landmass depends on how recently the government on that landmass changed leadership. The fact is that the native American people had been living on the continent without european intervention for at least 1,000 years:
Just for example he Connestee people, believed to be ancestors of the Cherokee, occupied western North Carolina circa 200 to 600 CE
This means that the Cherokee have a stronger claim to England than the English according to the "recent ownership theory", since the people the English descended from didn't arrive in England until after 400 CE:
Honestly if you or anyone you know believes the ridiculously common conservative argument, please point out to them that based on the concept of ownership being based on time spent in a region, the Native American people owned half the world before the English stood up their bastion of failing Rome in the United Kingdom. Not only that, but the Native American people had a rich history that quite literally was all but destroyed between the 16th and 18th centuries.
Jesus H Christ, if you want to see even more proof that we have simply trained ourselves to be idiotic, look at this History Channel Page that supposedly tells the timeline of the Native American People:
It starts in 1492! That is not a history of the native american people, that is a history of European interaction with the Native American People's. This is a perfect example of how our common knowledge and supposed history is just conservative garbage.
Looking at the actual Wikipedia page (look out for conservative Christian revisionism), we see that the people who populated the American continents lived there for millenia. "Western Christian Civilization" wasn't even a shitstain in homo sapiens diaper when the American continents were fully settled and replete with grand empires.
Not only did Jackson purposefully mis-inform the American people about the selfishness and evil of the "Indian Removal Act", but he used similar misinformation tactics to disguise other political agendas:
" Mexico, having for six years carried on against Texas a marauding war only, and that upon the most savage principles, inconsistant with all principles of civilised warfare, and against which all civilised nations which have acknowledged the Independence of Texas ought to unite, and by peaceful means, if it could, put it down, and if this could not be obtained peaceably, then all civillised and christian powers are bound to unite upon christian principle to put an end to this savage and inhuman war. The United States having been the first nation that acknowledged Texian Independence, are we not bound to be the first to boldly step forward to put an end to this savage maurading war. I think so. Texas harassed, and her means of war limitted presents herself to the united states to be annexed to, and protected by the United States. There being no embodied army marching against Texas for reconquest, great Britain trying to obtain the Liberation of the slaves in Texas for the avowed purpose of coercing the south and west into this measure by destroying the vallue of this property and opening a way for our slaves to run away to Texas, is [it] not time for the south and west to take the alarm, and as Texas has presented herself for voluntary annexation, which at once shuts the door against this impending evil, and secures Neworleans in case of a war with England, can it be, could it be, that any one could seriously suppose that the whole south and west would not unite upon this important subject, and with one voice cry out annexation. "
"I am very feeble, but excited by the subject, mortified at Mr. V.B. letter and Col. Bentons, for their is no evidence of ever the time being more propitious than the present, the necessitous situation of Texas, the prospects of the encouragement posponement will give to Mexico, with the secrete aid of great Britain and the consequences, makes my tears flow with regret. Texas may feel herself insulted and neglected by the refusal of the U. States and make a treaty with great Britain ruinous to the south west and to the safety of the Union, when we will have to fight both great Britain and mexico—on such an event what curses must fall upon all who refused to receive Texas."
It's almost like Andrew Jackson was a Racist, who while opposed / refuted by some of his contemporaries, the average American clearly supported Predestination.
It is no wonder that with this amount misinformation use already present by the 7th President we see a President today who does nothing but lie. Since conservatives value Opinion over Truth we can no longer trust anything that they claim, and we shouldn't have been letting these views infect out people for this long to begin with.

Special Interest Groups Damaged our Government:

This should be a perfectly reasonable debate with no partisanship or issues of religion / emotion (/s).
This is going to be a shit show, just be prepared.
Academics have almost universally responded poorly to this hypothesis, that the American People have been Miseducated for Generations.
It is quite possible that the misinformation campaigns which turned our nation into an "Idiocracy" were not exclusive to education centers.
Searching through the NY Times you can find many examples of Christian special interest groups attacking politicians for failing to align with their goals:
1832 Wig Paper lauding the destruction of Irish Culture- Constitutional Whig. [volume], September 28, 1824
1841 Indiana State sentinel. [volume], October 19, 1841: 1841 anti-irish sentiment

1840 - Mr. Van Buren has shown he is in favor of Free Negroes and Slaves to swear in Court against WHITE MEN! (emphasis theirs) The Hawk-eye and Iowa patriot., September 10, 1840
1842 article noting the South's prediliction for lynching, and arguing that good christians are not racist
1856 - christian editor taken to court for printing abolitionist sentiments in Va
1907 -white people are great even when they oppress their dark skinned brothers
1919 - princeton journal reference to "Irish need not apply". If you are of Irish heritage, your ancestors were called "white The Princeton union. [volume], December 04, 1919, Page 4
1949 - A congressman from Ohio tells other Congressmen he had never seen any segregation:
2005 - The United States is still fighting idiots pushing their religion in tax funded schools:

Textbooks which Promoted Conservative Christian Political Goals

1842 - The Religious instruction of the Negroes in the United States
ORIGIN on THE AMERICAN INDIANS. Hence it seems, at first glance, almost impossible that it should have been reached, in an age when ships Were small‘ and frail, when the mariner’s compass was unknown and the sailor dared not trust himself out of sight of land. This led men to suppose that the inhabitants of America did not descend from Adam and Eve, but from a race previously created. Such a theory’ is plainly contrary to the Bible record, nor is it needed to account for the settlement of America. .8. Later discoveries have brought to light a fact unknown to geographers three hundred years ago, that America wi- dens rapidly in the north, and there juts out into the ocean till it comes within thirty-six ‘miles of Asia. , As a current sets -towards the American shore, the passage thither can be readily made even in rude vessels. Boats may have been driven over by stress of weather, and the continent thus have been discovered without design. But there was a still‘ easier means of communication. In severe seasons, ,Behring’s Strait is frozen over. , ‘Many varieties of animals have passed on the ice from one continent to the other; and the first occupants of America, led by curiosity, or driven by violence,- may have reached the new world in the same manner. 9. At what time this event took place, we are not informed. History makes no mention of it. It is probable that it occurred at an early date, not many centuries after the dispersion at Babel and the consequent emigration from the plain of Shi’nar.
1875 Analysis of Civil Government
There is little need of comment "on this clause‘‘.‘‘ No “man can Well doubt the propriety of placing a President of the" United States’ under the most solemn obligations to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. It is "a suitable ‘pledge of his fidelity and responsibility to his 'country', and creates upon his conscience a deep ‘sense duty, by an appeal at once, in the presence of God and man, to the most sacred and solemn sanctions Which can operate upon the human mind
Oath. A solemn aflirmation or declaration, before a competent tribunal or ofiieer, to tell the truth, appealing to God for the truth of what is asserted.
1875 - Politics for young adults
TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS. to be a good citizen of the United States one ought to be imbued with the spirit of Christianity, and to believe in and act upon the teachings of Jesus. He condemned self-seeking, covetousness, hypocrisy, class distinctions, envy, malice, undue and ignoble ambition
Old textbooks:
ATTITUDES REVEALED IN SUBJECT MATTER Since geography textbooks dealt extensively with people and customs, the opportunity was great for authors to reveal their attitudes regarding the various peoples and their ways of living. In many geographies, especially in the earlier ones, the content revealed that the attitudes of the authors were often biased. Religious Attitudes. The earliest geographies were written when our country was still dominantly Protestant and the academic leaders were either trained as ministers or at least deeply religious. J edidiah Morse and Elijah Parish were both Congregational ministers. Not even all Protestant groups were equally respected. For example, in the first American written geography, Morse in 1784 referred to the Presbyterians and Lutherans as “numerous and respectable.” Parish, in enumerating the religious groups, began with small letters the words Baptists, Methodists, Quakers, and Catholics, but began with capital letters Presbyterian, Congregationalists, and Lutherans. ‘ Many of the early books particularly contained unfavorable comments about other religions than Protestants. Morse in his 1790 edition referred to Roman Catholicism in Spain as “of most bigoted, superstitious, and tyrannical character.” Dwight (1806), Parish (1810), and Adams (1818) used the term “Pop- ery” in referring to Roman Catholicism. Davies (1805) claimed that the priests in Ireland ruled with “blind superstition and ignorance.” Many other early geographies contained similar statements. Later several geography textbooks were written by Catholic
GEOGRAPHIES Q13 authors which were equally biased against Protestantism. Among these were texts by Pinnock (1853) and Sadlier (1880). The latter, in referring to religious conditions in Ireland, said: England abandoned the Catholic faith in the 16th century, and to this country belongs the ignoble distinction of having oppressed and persecuted the Irish nation with a barbarity unparalleled in the history of man’s inhumanity to man. Most Protestant authors referred to the Protestants in Euro- pean countries with respect. Parish (1810) said, “The Scotch clergy are men of learning and piety.” Woodbridge (1835) said, in referring to the Scots, “They are remarkable for knowledge and morality, produced by their numerous schools, and their at- tention to public worship.” In referring to non-Christian religions, likewise, uncompli- mentary statements were often made. A number of authors re- ferred to Mahomet as an “imposter.” Morse (1800) wrote: “In a word, the contagion spread over Arabia, Syria, Egypt, and Persia; Mahomet, from a deceitful hypocrite, became the most powerful monarch in his time.” Warren in 1872 referred to Mohammed as a “false prophet.” Uncomplimentary statements were also made about the religions in Japan and India. Reform Attitudes. The teaching of religion and morality was really the chief aim of education in early American schools. This aim was even dominant. in geography textbooks. Thus many forms of behavior which the authors considered immoral were severely condemned. Alcohol. Morse (1790) believed “in proportion as the use of beer increases, in the same proportion will the use of spiritous liquors decrease. This will be a happy exchange.” Parish (1810) condemned the “numerous Taverns,” and “grogshops.” Several condemned the sale of liquors to Indians.
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TDS Telecom is looking for a Data Analyst - Business Intelligence in Madison, WI 53717 with the following skills: SQL, Database
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2020.09.05 10:30 boinabbc [HIRING] Data Analyst - Business Intelligence at TDS Telecom in Madison, WI 53717

TDS Telecom is looking for a Data Analyst - Business Intelligence in Madison, WI 53717 with the following skills: SQL, Database
Overview: T DS is expanding our Contact Center Reporting team! As a Data Analyst-Business Intelligence, you will support our Customer Contact Center by providing maintenance and development of the reporting processes and... apply or read more here:
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2020.08.27 01:18 aijobs-com [HIRING] DATA ANALYST at Experis

Title Data Analyst Location 53701 Madison, WI Knowledge of IT programs and procedures. Knowledge of specific business solutions, such as FSIA, PPS, Encounter reporting, interChange. Ability to analyze systems and applications to determine their ability to support program goals and make recommendations regarding their use ...
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2020.08.27 00:21 RTKGuy {The Flesh Reaper} (Sequel to The Meat Locusts) - Part Four

I felt an eerie sense of calm as I followed Theo up the hill, the kind of peace I used to get when I hiked in the woods. Seeing the sun after days of solitude might have had something to do with it, feeling its warmth on my cheeks and seeing the night’s lingering darkness melt away. Or maybe it was the constant whine of the drone hovering above the trees and our heads, knowing that Lazlo would give us an instant warning via the radio in my ear if a Meat Locust showed up. I had felt on edge with Madison, not because I didn’t trust her but because no one person can cover all dangers, no matter how much of a bad ass they were.
That said, my calm was never far from collapsing. My hike started by moving through a wafting dust cloud of gray, the lingering residue of dozens of dead MLs decomposing rapidly. My outfit carried some of it along, and no matter how much I wiped it away I never felt completely clean. A constant reminder that there were hundreds of these monsters around Crusoe, and who could say how close the next pack was from our position. Not to mention the ten missing MLs – more than enough to take Theo and me down if we got too complacent.
Regardless, I chose to enjoy the picturesque view and the smell of pines and the freedom of movement I finally had. Theo seemed less enthralled and more focused on keeping us in the right direction. We were skirting Cell Point this time, aiming for a small valley two miles past it. That valley held the copse that the pack had disappeared into, and where the lost drone was now.
“You guys are boring, you know that?” spoke Lazlo in my ear at one point. “No dirty jokes, no nervous comments. I knew Theo had no sense of humor, but I didn’t think you’d be a killjoy, Hector.”
“At least I can turn off the radio when you tell your bad puns, Laz,” said Theo.
“Silence the chatter, you two,” ordered Abbott. “We may have hostiles in the area.”
I couldn’t help but smile. Even after last night’s frantic battle and Abbott’s injury, the group still held onto its camaraderie. It also disturbed me somewhat. How many run-ins with the MLs did you have to rack up before you became desensitized to their horrors?
It was close to two blessedly uneventful hours before we came to the edge of the copse. It was a tight cluster of pines that had grown too close together, their upper boughs plentiful with needles but their lower limbs starved of light, their bare branches twisting and drooping towards the ground. If I had been a superstitious type I might have deemed it a cursed place. The sun had less power in there, the trees turning the copse into a shadowed realm where monsters hid and awaited the unwary.
Theo must have been feeling nervous too, as he held his assault rifle at the ready and thumbed off the safety. I grabbed a flash ball from my belt and held it in my left hand, content just to be holding it. I figured if the MLs attacked us, I’d do exactly what I’d done with Madison. Let Theo do the killing and me the distracting.
“Follow close behind me and watch our backs,” instructed Theo. “We won’t have Third Eye in there. We go in, find the drone, and get out. No diversions or distractions. Got it?”
I nodded to Theo and he started in, failing to see me hesitate. I knew what I needed to do, what I had volunteered to do, and here we were about to do it, but now that I was at the mouth of the lion’s den my earlier convictions were less convicting. It’s hard to overcome those pesky survival instincts within us – they’re present for a reason.
“Hey, Hector, don’t you puss out now,” scolded the voice in my ear. Lazlo could see me hesitating, and it was enough to get me moving. Besides, I definitely didn’t want Theo getting too far ahead.
To be fair to the trees, the copse wasn’t any more macabre or menacing than the rest of the forest. In fact, there was precious little brush and grass since the trees hogged up most of the sunlight. Still, I studied every tree for the telltale signs of enigmatic fungus or distortion, the favored camouflage of the MLs. Every crunching branch under my foot felt like a gunshot going off. We swept through the copse in a slow, wide pattern, hoping to spot the wayward drone while hoping not to spot anything else.
Every few minutes Lazlo or Abbott chimed in to check up on us. I was a little surprised that we hadn’t lost radio contact. After all, Lazlo had complained of some kind of signal interference with the wayward drone. She was even surprised at the clarity of our communications. I wasn’t going to over-think it, though. Dealing with malfunctioning tech was her territory. I was just the mule in this mission.
I lost track of how long we spent searching the copse. It was certainly long enough for me to start feeling a little bored. We were almost to the other edge of the copse when I spotted it – a metallic object resting on a bed of broken branches. “I think I found it,” I told the team, and Theo confirmed my catch. Lazlo whooped with joy as we went over to it, Theo telling me to keep an eye out while he made a quick inspection.
I scanned the trees as I had for the last half-hour, knowing not to let my guard down despite my elation at this meager success. Theo talked on the radio with Lazlo, describing what appeared to be damage to the drone’s forward-right propeller. She moaned and said that it wasn’t going to fly back with a propeller down, so I still had to carry it back. Well, I hadn’t come out here for nothing.
Then I noticed something… odd. I was pretty sure I could make out in the distance some strange rock-like structures. There were a lot of trees in the way, so I couldn’t make out much. But I could easily tell that the structures weren’t natural. They were also pretty small, and the more I stared at them the more they reminded me of… statues. Statues of what, I wasn’t sure. Who would bring statues out here?
Theo had said no diversions, and part of me agreed with him. I didn’t want to press our luck. But I was getting an ominous vibe from looking at those statues.
“Theo, there’s something over there,” I said. Theo stood up and looked where I was pointing. He was silent as he stared, his face unreadable. Then he looked back at me with a frown. “I said no diversions and I mean it. Whatever’s over there isn’t our priority.”
Abbott spoke up on the radio, asking for clarification of our current conversation. Theo groaned and said, “It’s an unknown anomaly, roughly seventy meters away. We’d have to go investigate for more info.”
“You know, the drone did go down right there,” pointed out Lazlo. “It might be…”
“Hush, Laz,” said Abbott. The radio then went silent for a few beats. When Abbott spoke up again, his tone was for more serious. “Theo, do you think it’s safe to investigate?”
“I don’t think any of this is safe, Abbott,” Theo replied. “But… I think we can divert with minimal added risk.”
“Then go check it out. But if anything starts moving, get out of there.”
“Roger that,” finished Theo. He looked at me and added, “Let’s get the drone and get moving.”
He helped me rig up a harness to the drone with some straps taken from my backpack. This way I could carry the drone with less effort, even keep one hand free if the need arrived. Once that was done, I fell behind Theo as we hiked the short distance to the unknown anomaly. We moved past the cluster of trees that had obscured our vision, and what we saw made things both clearer and murkier simultaneously, as well as making my heart accelerate.
The small statues occupied a very small clearing within the copse, a group of ten figures in a circular formation with each figure spaced an equal distance from the next. Their appearance was unmistakable – Meat Locusts. They were the same size and shape, but their skin resembled bleached-white chalk or calcium instead of their typical snake-like texture. They were all kneeling down as if kowtowing, facing outward from the center of the circle. A line of dust led inward from each figure, meeting in the center and forming a large circular mound, with pieces of the same substance littering the ground around it.
“Jesus,” said Theo. “Hector, don’t touch anything.” He continued around the circle, inspecting the figures carefully. I stood in place, unsure of what else to do.
“Uh, can somebody start talking?” asked Lazlo in my ear. “Also, start taking pictures. We can’t see what you’re seeing.”
That jogged me into action. I put down the drone and extracted the digital camera and sample kit from my backpack. As I powered up the camera, I watched as Theo poked one of the figures with the barrel of his rifle, eliciting a puff of dust upon contact.
“I think we found the remains of the missing MLs,” he said.
“Remains?” asked Abbott incredulously. “As in corpses?”
“Not exactly.” Theo gave Abbott and Lazlo a cursory description of the sight before us while he gestured at me to bring over the sample kit. I did so and then began taking pictures of the entire scene. Theo extracted a plastic container and a pair of tweezers from the kit and began carefully plucking material from the nearest corpse, and having most of it crumble away. I was in agreement with Theo – I believed these figures were once MLs. I stooped to stare into the face of one of them, and I saw hollow eye sockets and a mouth empty of teeth or flesh. It was as if we were seeing only their outer skin, hardened by some bizarre process of petrifaction.
“It’s like something hollowed them out and left behind their skin,” continued Theo. “The remaining matter seems to have undergone some kind of calcification.”
“It’s like they were doing some kind of ritual,” I offered, taking a picture of the emptiness beyond the corpse’s eyes. I should have taken more, but being so close to even a dead ML ruined my calm. I stood back up and continued my picture taking with the next ML corpse. “The posturing, the organization – it’s almost religious in nature.”
“These things don’t do rituals,” Theo remarked. “They sure as hell don’t worship anything.”
“How do you explain these poses, then?” I said, waving to the figures. “You think someone killed them, positioned them, and then turned them to stone?”
“Folks, let’s leave the conjecture for later,” spoke up Abbott. “Theo, Hector, five more minutes of data collecting and then get out of there.”
I was almost disappointed to have to leave, emphasis on almost. I felt like we had stumbled onto a deep dark secret that no other human had ever discovered until now. MLs holding rituals and corpses that didn’t dissolve? This had to be something huge. Why else would the MLs hide the act in the first place? But I also had a pattern of learning intriguing and hidden knowledge right before life’s bounty of horror found me once more. As I was about to find out, that pattern wasn’t changing anytime soon.
Once we cleared the copse, Lazlo walked me through the process of transmitting the camera’s pictures through its wi-fi, using her watchful drone as a signal relay. Lazlo didn’t want to wait another two hours to get the data. Theo wasn’t happy about the delay, wanting us to get moving. He was more on edge now, even though we had accounted for the missing MLs. I couldn’t blame him – I felt out of sorts after our discovery, like the world had found yet another way to warp my sense of reality. But I didn’t think we were in more danger than before. Whatever the MLs had done had occurred hours ago, and the team had killed the only pack in the area. As long as we got back to camp and disembarked before another pack showed up, we’d be home free.
The day remained sunny and cheerful, and while I felt like a beast of burden as I carried the recovered drone I was kinda enjoying the moment. I knew I wasn’t really cut out to be a soldier, but I might make a good researcher. I no longer felt like such a tagalong. I knew I was a long way from being at the same level as the rest of the Wranglers, but at least I was walking the path.
It was that moment that I realized that I was seriously contemplating this life. Madison hadn’t made it look real appealing, what with the lonely hunts in the woods and the constant threat of death. But Abbott’s team made the experience feel almost like an adventure. Maybe it was all about how you approached it. Not everyone had to do it like an old-fashioned safari. There was a high-tech way to do the job - modern technology against the monsters.
Then I found myself getting angry, because once again the proof of the government’s malfeasance was on display. If they had just thrown even a tiny percentage of the federal budget into solving this crisis, there wouldn’t be dozens of dead innocents and a swarm of monsters to contend with. I made a mental note to ask Abbott a lot more questions when we were back in Crusoe. I wanted to know how we’d gotten here, because I wanted to help make sure we never got here again.
The reason I was having these long bouts of cogitation was because Theo had all but clammed up during our trip back. He watched the trees with keen interest, as if he couldn’t trust Third Eye to cover us. I thought about asking what was bothering him, but I knew better than to disturb a vigilant soldier.
Lazlo had been quiet until we were halfway to the camp, then she piped up with her initial analysis of the ML circle ritual, as she was calling it. I think she named it that just to poke Theo, who still maintained that MLs don’t do religion. She admitted that she didn’t know what the bowing was all about, but she did believe that these MLs had done this process to themselves. In fact, it looked like they had created something in the center of the circle.
“Some of those fragments remind me of… well, eggshells,” she said in an unconfident tone.
“Eggshells?” I asked. “Like they laid an egg?”
“Built one, perhaps,” Abbott remarked. “Or it was just excess material that their creation cast off once it was ready. I’m starting to come around to Lazlo’s thinking. The whole process reminds me of some kind of joining ritual - the many coming together to create the one.”
“The one?” spoke up Theo for the first time in an hour. “So you think we’re not alone?”
“Theo, I know you too well,” Abbott replied, his tone growing more serious. “You get quiet when you think we’re in trouble. You think something’s out there too, don’t you?”
Theo grunted in acknowledgement. “Call it Wrangler’s intuition, but yeah, I haven’t felt right since we started back.”
“MLs bud on a one-to-one basis,” I pointed out. “I saw it in action. Why would they sacrifice ten MLs to make only one… thing?”
“That’s a good question,” said Lazlo. “And… I don’t like any of the potential answers. I’m going to put up a second drone, just to be safe.”
I joined Theo in scanning the wilderness, unsure of what I was looking for but assuming I’d know it when I saw it. We passed by the cabin that had once been my sanctuary, but I barely gave it a glance. Suddenly I really wanted to be away from here, or at least in the Oasis with a lot of steel between the outside world and me.
We were maybe twenty minutes away from the camp when I heard the radio crackle in my ear, Lazlo’s voice interspersed with burst of static that obscured her words. Theo and I instinctively stopped and tried to contact her, but if she could hear us we weren’t able to tell. I could make out Lazlo’s tone as heightened and growing more frantic, as if she was desperately trying to get a hold of us, or her own situation was rapidly deteriorating.
“Lazlo, Abbott, someone come in!” Theo demanded, but again the answer was more static and barely-audible voices. Theo then took off at a fast jog, not even bothering to warn me of his intentions. I tried to keep up as best I could, but I didn’t have his physique or conditioning, and he left me in the dust after a few minutes. By that time, the radio no longer crackled. It no longer did anything except relay Theo’s occasional frantic calls to his friends.
I understood Theo’s concerns, but I felt rightly abandoned during the long minutes I jogged after him, hoping that I knew the path back to the camp well enough to not get lost. Then again, I was also afraid of what I would find at the camp. I grabbed a flash ball from my belt and held it as I ran. It gave me enough confidence to keep moving.
I could hear Theo yelling out to Lazlo and Abbott as I neared the camp, and I spotted him just outside the Oasis, holding his rifle up and slowly advancing up the ramp. I switched to walking as I entered the camp’s perimeter, panting and unable to get a word out but still moving forward. I dropped my drone load to the ground and took out my pistol, remembering to switch off the safety this time. Theo disappeared through the doorway as I closed in, and his yells ceased at the same time. Then I spotted the trail of crimson on the ramp, bright and shiny and recent. Adding to the horror was that the solid metal door was hanging off of one hinge and had taken several cruel dents, as if something massively strong had attacked it and ultimately won.
I spotted a drone parked on the ground near the ramp, perhaps the one Lazlo had been preparing for launch. Voyeur Four was still in the air, its incessant whine now a unwelcome distraction. Pistol in my right hand, flash ball in my left, I went up the ramp and stopped just before the entrance. I wanted to help the team, even if it meant walking into a lion’s den. But I wasn’t an idiot.
“Theo?” I yelled. “Are you okay?”
There was no immediate answer, and I was about to throw the flash ball inside when his voice spoke up at last. “God… yes, Hector, I’m okay.”
I knew I wasn’t going to like what was in there. I went in just the same.
The first apparent change to the interior was the small pool of blood congealing next to the bunks. That… and the human leg lying in it. Considering the large soaked bandage wrapped around it, I could easily identify its previous owner. Abbott – my heart froze up at the revelation.
Theo was standing near it, looking like he’d just been kicked hard in the ribs. Beyond the pool of blood and severed limb, there were a few splashes of blood on the bunk Abbott had occupied, a bloody handprint here and there, but little other damage. No random destruction of property. It was not like the MLs to ignore an opportunity to destroy humanity’s work, or be so tidy. Then again, how the hell did the MLs get past a solid steel door?
“They… it… dragged him away,” Theo muttered in a low, deadly voice. “Tore off his leg and dragged him away.”
Even though he was the military veteran of the group, I think my shock wore off quicker than his. Abbott had been his friend for who knows how long. I knew him for less than a day. “Theo… what about Lazlo?” I managed to ask.
“I… I don’t know. She’s not here. They must have…” He trailed off, gripping his rifle and moving past me to the door. He started looking into the forest, probably hoping to scope out a trail to follow. I became afraid of his next move.
“Theo, tell me you’re not going after them.”
He looked at me with unmistakable rage shining in his eyes. “They got them, Hector. I wasn’t here and they got them. They might still be alive, and even if they aren’t…”
“If you go after what did this, you’ll end up like them,” I insisted. I couldn’t believe I had to be the voice of reason, but here I was being it. “I still need your help, Theo. I can’t make it back on my own, and we have information that could save lives. Please tell me you’re staying here.”
I wasn’t sure if he was buying what I was selling. He looked out again at the forest, his conflicted priorities battling it out on his face. Then he closed his eyes and said, “I’m securing the perimeter. I won’t… I won’t leave you, Hector. But I can’t be in here right now.”
He went down the ramp, ending our conversation. I had to trust his words. I’m not sure what I’d accomplished, though. I wasn’t any better off than Theo. That brief window of friendship and safety that I had occupied was gone, and I had no idea what to do. God, what were we up against now? What had the MLs unleashed on the world? And how the hell were we…
I heard the noise in the back of the vehicle, what they called the storage section as it had little else but cabinets and drawers for personal effects, supplies, and equipment. It came off as a soft metallic rap, almost like something banging gently on a metal cabinet. My sorrow switched to fight-or-flight, heavy on the fight. Theo hadn’t searched the vehicle. In his shock, perhaps he had made a mistake. I wasn’t in the mood to run from this particular fight.
I raised my gun and moved down the length of the vehicle, stepping up to a large closet that Abbott had declared their improvised brig. I thought I heard a soft shuffle inside there. A ML preparing for an ambush, perhaps, though the better part of me must have thought otherwise. I held my gun at the ready and used my free hand to open the door, prepared to fire at a moment’s notice.
In that otherwise empty closet, a wide-eyed Lazlo greeted me with a pistol aimed at my chest, and it was pure providence that neither of us shot the other at that moment. She lowered her weapon and broke out into a combination of laughter and tears as she came out of the closet and gave me a tight hug, as if we were best friends. Once she detached from me, she asked me about Theo. I assured her he was okay, but she didn’t believe me until she went to the exterior door and called out his name. He came running, and she gave him a tight hug as well.
“It wasn’t a pack, Theo,” she managed to say between soft sobs. “It was something… something a lot worse.”
I didn’t have a frame of reference at the time to judge how anything could be worse than a pack of Meat Locusts. Now? If anything, she may have underplayed the threat we were facing.
Obviously Theo and I wanted answers, but we needed to secure the vehicle first. Despite their deep grief over Abbott’s death, Theo and Lazlo fell back into their respective roles as we finished preparing to leave, Lazlo swapping out drones while Theo stood guard. I gave the living section a hasty cleaning and wrapped up Abbott’s leg in a plastic tarp for storage in the rear closet. I feared it was the only part of him we’d ever find. As I did the task, I told myself over and over that it was only flesh now, not the remains of a good man I had been talking to less than an hour ago.
There wasn’t much we could do for the main steel door other than use a bunch of straps to close it and keep it from banging around. Its use as a protective shield was now very limited.
Once we secured the door, we huddled inside and voted on our next move. The smartest plan was to get the Oasis moving and head back to Crusoe. We were down a Wrangler, our resources were significantly depleted, and we were up against an unknown threat that had penetrated our defenses with little effort.
But instead, we unanimously voted to hear out Lazlo first. Maybe it’s the human part of us that wants to know the answers even when it puts you further in jeopardy. Or perhaps we needed to know because there was a good chance that this new monster wasn’t all that far away and might come at us again. Better for us to have some idea what we were up against rather than encounter it in ignorance.
“I was outside installing a new battery in Voyeur Four when I saw it,” she began, sitting down at her computer desk with a bottle of water in her hands and a haunted look in her eyes. “It wasn’t very far away, maybe fifty yards at most. It hadn’t tripped any alarms from Third Eye or the vehicle cameras. It looked humanoid, but it was using the same masking ability the MLs use. Except it’s not the same. They look like forest flora. This one looked like a walking, flowing mound of dirt. It had multiple limbs, but how many I can’t be sure of because its arms appeared to grow and recede from its body at regular intervals. It was also bigger, at least my height. It was walking toward me at that rate serial killers use in slasher movies. You know, where the killer doesn’t feel like running because he knows he’s going to get you eventually and he has all the time in the world. I tried to reach Abbott and you guys on the radio, but there was suddenly some kind of major interference scrambling the signal. Three guesses as to who was likely causing it.”
She gulped down a drink of water and then continued, her hands gripping the bottle tightly. “Abbott saved my life twice in ten minutes. He insisted I take my shotgun with me. I told him the MLs were all gone and that Third Eye would warn me otherwise. He said to humor an injured man and do it anyway. Like an idiot, I had put down the shotgun several feet away, so I had to race to get it, fearing that thing would rush me while my back was turned. But that overconfident bastard didn’t speed up at all. It was twenty yards away when I brought up the shotgun, and I let it get to ten yards before I opened fire. If that thing had been scared of my gun, it never showed it.
“I’m pretty damn sure I hit it. Kinda hard to miss at that range. I emptied the entire shotgun, but it was like I was shooting wiffle balls. The whole time it maintained its masking. I’ve never seen a ML that could keep up its masking while it attacked. Then again, I’ve never seen a ML that could withstand several shotgun blasts.
“Not enough time to reload, so I ran back into the vehicle and locked the door. Abbott was demanding answers because he couldn’t reach me on the radio and it was hard to miss all the gunfire. I was about to start talking when the thing began wailing on the door, pounding it hard enough to leave dents in the metal. It must be damn strong to do even that much. After a few blows, it started wrenching on the door and working the hinges. I used the time to reload the shotgun and I was about to load another shotgun for Abbott when one of the door hinges pulled free. The thing was about to get in, so I stood in front of the door with my gun at the ready. I didn’t think my odds were good, but we weren’t going down without a fight.
“Abbott must have seen things differently, because he told me to give him the shotgun and go hide in the back. I tried pretending that I hadn’t heard him say that, but he repeated himself and added that it didn’t make sense for us to both die. I argued that I might still stop it, and he said that if that was possible, then it was his turn to do the heroics. I remember looking at him and seeing the lie on his face. He knew he couldn’t stop it. He was giving me the best chance possible of surviving.
“He then gave me a direct order. Told me that if I didn’t obey and he made it out of here he’d strip me of my Wrangler status. I knew he wasn’t serious, but somehow it worked on me. I gave him the shotgun, told him he was a jerk, and grabbed a pistol before I hid in the closet. I felt ridiculous, like I was a little girl pretending that the monster wouldn’t see me if I hid under my bed and closed my eyes. Then I heard the door give way with a big grating shriek. The shotgun went off three times before I heard Abbott scream. It was a short scream – I guess that’s better than a long one. I heard some thumping and sliding sounds, and then I heard nothing. I thought about opening the door and rushing the monster a dozen times over, but each time I just had to recall Abbott’s scream and… I just sat there.
“It killed him, Theo,” she softly stated, more tears falling from her eyes. “He told me to hide. He ordered me to. And damn it, I listened. I let it kill him.”
“No, you didn’t,” Theo replied sincerely. “He was right, Laz. You were right to listen to him.”
“You don’t know that,” she shot back. “Maybe I wounded it. Maybe a few more blasts might have done the trick.”
“If it could take eight shells and still wreck a steel door, it was nowhere near wounded,” Theo replied. “Abbott understood that, Laz. He made the call.”
“That doesn’t make me feel better,” she muttered.
“I came up here trying to rescue my ex-girlfriend,” I said, making my own attempt to console her. “She was dead before I arrived, but I still think about how if I had called the cops or left earlier I might have saved her. I don’t think the doubts ever leave you entirely. I don’t think you ever feel better.”
She gave me a slight frown. “I take it you don’t write Hallmark cards for a living.”
I shrugged. “I’m not known for my pep talks.” To my credit, her frown became a slight smile.
Theo stood up and went over to Abbott’s bloodstained bunk, looking at it as if visualizing his friend’s final fate, or merely morning his end. “Don’t take this the wrong way, Laz, but what bothers me is why it didn’t come after you after killing Abbott. It wasn’t like you were well hidden.”
“Well, I don’t have my guidebook on weird monsters with me,” she replied. “So your guess is as good as mine.”
I thought about it myself. The MLs really had only one goal in life – feed to reproduce. This new creature, besides clearly being more powerful, also had different tactics and priorities. Despite going after Lazlo, it had been satisfied with Abbott. How long would it be satisfied, though? A paranoid part of me wondered if we had already pressed our luck too far, and that this creature was on its way back to finish us off.
Thankfully, we were all in agreement that it was time to get the hell out of Dodge. Theo outlined the plan – Lazlo would drive Oasis while he did guard duty in the roof turret. I would man the computer desk and keep an eye on the monitors. I had enough computer knowledge to work Third Eye at an amateur level. Lazlo told me that Voyeur Four would follow Oasis on its own and that it should have enough battery power to last the trip to Crusoe, which was roughly one hundred and ten minutes away at a reasonable speed. As long as we kept moving and stopped only if absolutely necessary, we should make it back okay.
I doubted any of us thought it would go smoothly. But we kept our misgivings to ourselves as Lazlo maneuvered through a small opening that led to the driver’s seat and Theo went to his turret. I managed to get in a question about how safe the driver’s cab would be if we got attacked, and Theo casually mentioned that all the windows were ballistic glass. Good enough to thwart your average Meat Locust, but definitely not the other thing.
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2020.08.23 00:30 boinabbc [HIRING] DATA ANALYST at University of Wisconsin–Madison in Madison, WI 53706

University of Wisconsin–Madison is searching for a DATA ANALYST in Madison, WI 53706 with the following skills: Machine Learning, Data Visualization
Position Summary: This position will provide assistance in an experimental psychology research laboratory. The work is part of the Prejudice and Intergroup Relations Lab. We seek to hire someone to provide... apply or read more here:
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2020.08.23 00:30 boinabbc [HIRING] DATA ANALYST at University of Wisconsin–Madison in Madison, WI 53706

University of Wisconsin–Madison is searching for a DATA ANALYST in Madison, WI 53706 with the following skills: Machine Learning, Data Visualization
Position Summary: This position will provide assistance in an experimental psychology research laboratory. The work is part of the Prejudice and Intergroup Relations Lab. We seek to hire someone to provide... apply or read more here:
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2020.08.23 00:30 boinabbc [HIRING] DATA ANALYST at University of Wisconsin–Madison in Madison, WI 53706

University of Wisconsin–Madison is searching for a DATA ANALYST in Madison, WI 53706 with the following skills: Machine Learning, Data Visualization
Position Summary: This position will provide assistance in an experimental psychology research laboratory. The work is part of the Prejudice and Intergroup Relations Lab. We seek to hire someone to provide... apply or read more here:
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2020.08.16 02:25 ProjectDropOff Call to Action! Compiling Existing Resources by State

First off, I wanted to thank everyone for the incredible response so far ~100 subs in less than 24 hours! Lets turn this impotent range into righteous action! As an update, we have purchased the domain name as well as web hosting services. We will aim to post a wireframe of the site as soon as we can -- if you'd like to help with that effort, please let us know.
In order to minimize the amount of data entry by hand, we are beginning to compile a list of existing resources of drop boxes addresses by state and county. As we compile this list, our volunteer database managers will scrape these resources to extract, sanitize and standardize the relevant data. We will then create a very clean landing page where a user can search for their state/county and immediately be presented with the relevant drop box locations. Additionally, we plan to implement an email feature, allowing users to email their parents (or other less savvy friends / relatives) information about how and where to drop off their ballots.
Please comment with existing state specific resources below. We will update this post as we begin to gather information. As you look through the available resources, you'll begin to understand why making this information easily available is extremely important!
Also, if you're unable to find any existing resources online for a given state, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and dial the Secretary of State's office. Or let us know and we can give them an earful!

AL: (Return to county Absentee Election Manager)
AK: Voting Locations: DoE Locations: (Can be dropped off at any voting location or Division of Elections office)
AZ: (will likely have to scrape each individual site)
AR: (must be delivered to country clerk by 7:30PM on election day)
CA: (Drop off locations not yet available for all counties)
FL: (will likely have to scrape each individual site)
IL: (Just Chicago, TBU early Sept.)
MD: ( Hand deliver your ballot. You must deliver it to your local board of elections by 8 pm on election day, or you may take it to an early voting center or a polling place by the time the polls close. Drop your ballot at a ballot drop off box. The list of ballot drop off boxes for the general election will be listed here as soon as it is available.)
NV: (Nevada County, NV only / check date)
NY: (Need to confirm still applicable for 2020 general election)
NC: (Can Deliver to any Board of Elections office)
OH: (Can Deliver to any Board of Elections office)
PA: (subject to change, check after Sept. 14th)
TX: Can't find ANYTHING!
WV: ( For hand-delivery, absentee ballots must be delivered to the County Clerk's office by the day before Election Day. Although voters do not have to personally return his or her absentee ballot, no one person may deliver more than two voters' absentee ballots)
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2020.08.16 00:30 VitanTater Data connection stuck on EDGE

Tl,dr: my phone is not designed for Fi, and doesn’t not support LTE, but should connect to 3g in US. Connection stuck to 2g/Edge. Tried to force connection to the GOOGLE FI 3G network by fails every time with “Unable to register to network”
Greetings, I recently joined the Google Fi family on my personal cell, a HUAWEI P20 Lite Dual SIM - unlocked, GLOBAL version model ANE-LX1.
Activating my Fi Sim took more than a day, as tech support was trying to figure out why the activation was not working. In the end I figured that Google Fi requires the Sim to be installed in Slot1, regardless of how you manage the two sims in software.
After activating the sim, I was disappointed to see that the connection speed was ridiculous: EDGE connection, Google speed test - when it didn’t failed for timeout - labeled the connection “extremely poor”.
After several calls with tech support and a full hour on hold while advanced techs were trying stuff on their end to check why I was not connected to LTE.
As a non-“designed for Fi” phone I understand that I may not get carrier selection, but T-mobile has good coverage in Madison, WI where I live, up to 5G. Also the Fi app itself said that I should get 4G/LTE connection.
After being asked again to run “simple” actions like upgrading the apps on my phone (done), turning on/off (duh!), etc, I did researches myself:
Using LTE discovery I found out that T-Mobile uses band 4 in my area, and of course my global/EMEA phone does not support that band. So long for my hope to use 4G on my existing phone.
Digging deeper though, my phone supports 3G frequency B2 1900 (PCS), thus i should be able to at least use 3G/HSPA. But phone is still stuck on EDGE.
I tried to change APN creating new instances of h2g2 following obscure blog posts, but the new APN simply does not connect and the phone resume the previous one “Google Fi - Tm” - that I am not authorized to remove.
I tried to enable/disable data roaming. I completely disabled the 2nd SIM.
I tried to disable Automatic network search and force the registration on Google Fi 3g network (that the phone can see) but I get rejected due to “unable to register on this network”, so that only Autodiscovery or manual registration to the 2g network work. I also tried to phoebe the phone in automatic 2g/3g mode (but only registers to 2g) or to 3g only mode (resulting in no connection, SOS/emergency calls only, with full signal).
Anyone has experienced the same situation? Am I missing some other dependencies that my phone doesn’t have that make it impossible to connect to t-mobile 3g network?
Thanks and regards
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2020.08.14 12:03 remote-enthusiast 86 remote jobs from various job boards

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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Optimization methods for imposing Fairness in Computer ... Taking AP Computer Science Principles: Lily - YouTube The Production of Within-Family Inequality: Insights and ...

Madison, WI Data USA

  1. Optimization methods for imposing Fairness in Computer ...
  2. Taking AP Computer Science Principles: Lily - YouTube
  3. The Production of Within-Family Inequality: Insights and ...

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. In this installment of the Fall 2020 Utah Center for Data Science Seminar, Vishnu Lokhande (University of Wisconsin-Madison) presents on Optimization methods... September 22, 2020 Notestein Seminar Jason Fletcher, Professor of Public Affairs & Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison